5 professional athletes who take CBD to relieve pain


Aside from taking Cannabidiol (CBD) to treat or even prevent certain health conditions, this active compound from cannabis is likewise being investigated for its potential to improve the performance of some of our world’s leading athletes.

There is already growing evidence to support the potential of CBD to ease symptoms related to some of the most chronic conditions like cancer, diabetes and heart disease. It has also been widely utilized to manage anxiety and relieve many users from pain.

Yet, probably unknown to many, professional athletes are likewise taking CBD oil as part of their daily routine and overall training regimes as they target to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Below are some of the professional athletes who swear by CBD oil in improving their health and performance.


UFC fighter Nate Diaz claimed that CBD oil has healing potential after training and fights. He is famous for vaping CBD oil during a recent conference after his defeat from Connor McGregor at a time when it was still regarded by the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) as a controlled substance.


Another UFC Fighter Yair Rodriguez said that his use of CBD oil has been helpful in improving his recovery speed between training sessions.

The champion, who always voice his support of the healing potentials of CBD, strongly believes that the active compound has been crucial in his recoveries after hard workouts and in achieving a good night’s sleep.


Marvin Washington, a retired NFLer has never used cannabis while he was still an NFL player. But he claims that he now takes CBD oil as an integral part of its regular routine to manage pains and aches he still suffers from even after his retirement.

The former NFL player takes his support to legal levels, being a member of a plaintiff group that challenges the 1970 Controlled Substance Act which classifies cannabis as a schedule one drug.


Former Baltimore Ravens offensive NFL tackle player Eugene Monroe was the league’s first professional football player to become vocal about CBD benefits and advocate for it.

Monroe is the first player of NFL to support medical marijuana and has sworn to continue campaigning for CBD even after his retirement.  He joined the ‘When The Bright Lights Fade’ campaigning for more funding to be dedicated to CBD research and is active in calling for the football league to take cannabis out from its list of controlled substances, and ban the overprescription of addictive opioids


Derrick Morgan, a professional linebacker for the Tennessee Titans, has just admitted his regular use of CBD as part of his training routine. Through his public platform, he has continually tout CBD benefits and has held several speaking engagements with other players of NFL to discuss how the active cannabis compound could help them.

Studies about CBD continue to demonstrate the benefits it got to offer to athletes, particularly with regards to its pain and inflammatory reduction potentials and even in treating brain trauma that is common in contact sports such as boxing and footballs.  The five athletes mentioned above are blazing a trail for those who are physically active who would stand to benefit from CBD use. They are also a voice of support for CBD and cannabis inclusion into the list of legal substances in the sporting arena.