Can CBD Be Used To Treat A Sunburn?


You have most likely experienced this too: your skin turned red and inflamed after spending quite too long at the pool or at the sea. Don’t fret, cannabis could be the solution you are looking for. Cannabidiol or CBD has the potential to help relieve, protect and heal your burn.

CBD is among the most popular cannabinoid and widely researched for its various therapeutic applications. When compared to its most popular cannabinoid THC, it is not psychoactive or does not get you high. It is often available in oral form, yet topical CBD likewise exists and is crucially important in treating skin problems.

 Yet, prior to diving into CBD’s therapeutic applications on sunburns, let’s get a quick understanding of what a sunburn is, actually.

This condition is a reaction of the skin to ultraviolet (UV) rays that may be damaging to the skin.  It takes place when inflammatory cells are sent to the damaged site in an attempt to heal and protect the skin from further damage, as well as prompt the person to get out of the sun.  It does not appear immediately. Redness may only show up 12 to 24 hours after exposure. The symptoms are limited to pain, peeling skin, and redness, in general. Yet in more serious cases, it may include vomiting, nausea, chills, and fever.  You know you need to go to a hospital if you experience blood pressure, weakening or fainting.

Two types of UV rays from the sun can reach the earth: The UVA and the UVB rats. The former has a longer wavelength and can get deeper into the skin. The latter, meanwhile, can only superficially penetrate the skin as they have shorter wavelengths. Yet, they are actually the ones that cause sunburns. The UVA rays, meanwhile, are the ones to blame cancer risk and skin aging. It is therefore important to choose a sunscreen that can protect you from both.

How Can CBD Treat A Sunburn?

CBD can effectively treat sunburns, thanks to its anti-oxidant properties against free radicals, anti-inflammatory properties that can target the primary sunburn-related pain mechanism; and antibacterial properties, that are particularly helpful in burned skin that is infection-susceptible. CBD likewise contains important fatty acids which could aid in emolliating dry skin. It likewise boosts the level of an endogenous cannabinoid which aids in reducing pain called anandamide.

While there have not been many studies on the use of CBD for treating sunburns, there are plenty of promising anecdotal evidence. Those who applied topical CBD on sunburns reported easing of pain and a cooling sensation. There are even those who have reported faster healing.

How To Use CBD To Treat Sunburn?

Topical CBD is the easiest way to treat sunburn with CBD. It can be in a form of CBD-infused balm, lotion, cream or salve. CBD oil can likewise be applied topically. Prior to smearing, make sure to get your skin gently washed with a washcloth. Sit back and enjoy its soothing effects after generous application.

Try considering a CBD topical with aloe vera mixed into it for additional effectiveness. Advocates of CBD believe that the mixture of CBD and aloe vera could be a magical brew for sunburn treatment.

Smoking a high-CBD cannabis strain may also be a viable option. You can also make the most of CBD through a combination of topical and oral use. Try to experiment which method will work best for you.